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AI+Equal is born to analyze and verify Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied in the labor market. It is a pioneering and collaborative project of three companies - CVA, IN2, and ORH -, driven by the Community of Madrid through the General Directorate of Evaluation, Quality, and Innovation of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Policy, and funded with Next Generation funds.

  • In the first stage, we are conducting an empirical study on the impact of biases in learning models used in HR.
  • In the second stage, we will share knowledge with professionals in the field, career counselors, companies, and institutions that make up the employment ecosystem of the Community of Madrid.
  • In the third stage, we will develop a White Paper with recommendations for a certification model and specific quality seal for the labor field that can be scaled at national and European levels.


Consultora de comunicación estratégica con una visión diferente. Desarrollamos proyectos con valor añadido y alto impacto en la reputación lo que contribuye a mejorar la marca empleadora y los resultados de nuestros clientes.


Empresa de referencia en el sector IT con presencia tanto en el sector público como en el privado, con especial relevancia en los ámbitos de salud y servicios sociales, turismo y transporte e industria 4.0.


Somos una plataforma de contenidos e información que aporta valor y conocimiento a los profesionales de RRHH. Defendemos que el talento está en el centro de la organización y su gestión es clave para la estrategia de las compañías.

Project background

Bienvenido a IA+Igual

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being implemented across all sectors of society. Algorithms form the basis for virtual assistants recommending restaurants to us, chatbots diagnosing medical conditions or smart buildings designed to reduce energy consumption; they have become part of our daily lives.

AI enables machines to learn from user experience using deep learning, natural language processing and statistical analysis of Big Data techniques. These technologies are trained to perform specific tasks, process large amounts data and recognize patterns within this data which often already contain biases.

In Human Resources, AI has great potential as a powerful tool throughout various processes: recruitment and selection, career learning and development, compensation benefits, administrative tasks, attendance control, work organization, occupational health and safety...

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence also presents significant ethical challenges and data protection concerns: it is necessary to have well-trained unbiased tools that objectively securely analyze data. This represents a great opportunity for companies to manage talent in an equal manner - facilitating access to the labor market for vulnerable groups - while building a more sustainable society.

Penetration data

65% of CEOs predict it will generate new professional opportunities, EY (2023)
38% potential increase in business profitability, Accenture (2023)
21% of Spanish employees fear being replaced, RSM Study (2023)
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