Red IA+Igual rumbo a Japón

I+Igual on its way to Japan! ご招待いただきありがとうございます

CEOE, Aedipe, the EBEN Congress, the Japanese AI Society, PDA International and some other companies invite us to talk about our innovative project aimed at mitigating the biases of algorithms used in Human Resources. On the eve of traveling to Japan, the IA+Igual network is unstoppable.

Madrid, May 24th. Thanks to the IA+Igual Advisory Board, DATAI -our academic partner at UNAV-, the interest in the IA+Igual Campus Webinars and our growing network of brand ambassadors, the IA+Igual network is already unstoppable. We are at the halfway point of this  tour to present our innovative project. 

Marisa Cruzado and Maite Saenz, co-promoters of IA+Igual, have their bags packed for their trip to Shizuoka, Japan. On May 29th, they will present the paper The impact of biases in human resources through AI during the XVI JSAI International Symposium on AI. Organized by the Japan Society of AI, it will bring together researchers from all over the world. The day before, they will meet in Tokyo with Fernando Hernandez, Economic Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Japan.

Last Tuesday, May 21, they participated in the 18th Human Resources Forum of CEOE of Guadalajara, an event that brought together 200 people. Marisa Cruzado and Maite Sáenz presented the paper IA+Igual: Alucinando con la IA . They showed that AI is not as autonomous as it seems because, in the end, it does what we tell it to do. That is why they recommended using AI, which surrounds all areas of our lives, with care.

That same day, Yolanda Romero, from the IA+Igual team, presented the project at the Aedipe Catalunya Forum IA Revolution: New challenges, new leaderships, in Barcelona.

IA+Igual tour agenda

We continue working on the events agenda. The following are the upcoming events:

  • June 3, XXXI European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) Congress on Business Humanism in the Digital Age: An Ethical Vision of AI. Marisa Cruzado, Maite Sáenz and Félix Villar, the three promoters of Ia+Igual, are among the 200 experts from Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, South Africa, Portugal and Spain (Registration).
  • June 13, #HRDay, Human Intelligence, Madrid. Marisa Cruzado and Maite Saenz will be joined by Ana Valera, member of the IA+Igual Advisory Board and promoter of this disruptive event -organized by PDA in collaboration with ORH- in which the human gaze will merge with technology (Registration).

In the face of prevailing doom and gloom, at IA+Igual we work proactively to try to mitigate potential biases in the use of AI in HR. AI can be misused, although, in itself, it is neither good nor bad. As a result, we have made it something of a mantra that behind an algorithm there will always be a person who must ensure that that decisions are legal and ethical. With AI, as with any technological innovation, not everything goes and it is urgent to encourage critical thinking.

As there is an abundance of dystopian news and a lack of initiatives that put the person at the center of the algorithm, we are developing an empirical investigation of real cases of AI use in Human Resources that will culminate in a White Paper with recommendations. At the same time, thanks to our twenty or so multidisciplinary experts, we are deploying our training and information efforts in an attempt to answer the questions that are multiplying in this new scenario.

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