El humanismo definirá la ética de la IA.

Humanism will define the ethics of AI in the labor market

On January 30, the seminar IA for HR dummies: what it is, what it is not and how it transforms talent management processes was held. Maite Sáenz, promoter of IA+Igual, raised the questions that many HR managers ask themselves. The answers were provided by Fernando Quintana, Data Tech Lead and Data Scientist at IN2 and Ambrosio Nguema, LLM Engineer and member of the IA+Igual Advisory Board.

Madrid, February 1. Fernando Quintana and Ambrosio Nguema stressed that, although many jobs will disappear because they are based on repetitive tasks that AI performs with much greater precision, speed and efficiency, we are facing a process of transformation of the labor market similar to those caused by other innovations.

Ambrosio Nguema first raised the need to understand what artificial intelligence (AI) is: "It is a field of computer science that interacts with other disciplines and is capable of learning, adapting and functioning autonomously. We need to understand the concept because sometimes AI is confused with tools based on spreadsheets, conventional software or systems based on fixed rules; they call it AI, when it is not".

The advantage of automating processes by imitating the way the human brain thinks is that professionals will have more time to perform creative tasks and functions in which human intelligence is still superior to artificial intelligence. FernandoQuintana stressed that we are in a moment of transformation of the labor market that requires rethinking tasks to define which ones we can leave in the hands of AI and which ones need the human factor.

"Hace cinco años, Google ofrecía respuestas ambiguas a través de su buscador”, Five years ago, Google offered ambiguous answers through its search engine," "we have tools that give us very precise information. In this new environment, the important thing is to ask the right question in order to obtain the specific answer": For this reason, he explained, profiles that 20 years ago were not valued are being revalued. "Philosophers, sociologists, mathematicians and physicists are increasingly necessary in the development of mathematical models with computational power so that the evolution of AI is increasingly more human and less technological," concludes the IN2 data engineer.

AI Glossary for Human Resources

Throughout the webinar, basic terms such as General AI, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning were explained in a simple way; and practical examples of the application of these tools in the field of talent management were presented. These terms are compiled in the AI in HR Glossary Frequently Asked Questions.

"General AI refers to systems designed to perform any intellectual task that humans do. It has the ability to learn, understand and apply intelligence to problem solving,"said Nguema However, generative AI creates new and original content. It uses machine learning techniques to analyze and learn from large data sets. It can compose new music after analyzing pieces of music and learning how they are structured.

The value of the data

In this technological environment of data analysis, where the volume and quality of data makes a difference in the results obtained by AI tools, the ethical importance in the design and use of AI algorithms was highlighted. "Unlike technical algorithms used to test a new drug or build a house, when working with individualized data from individuals we must be aware of the inherent biases underlying the use of historical data in order to mitigate them". It is essential that algorithms are transparent, fair and equitable:"It's not just a matter of regulatory compliance," said Quintana, "but requires a commitment to dignity and respect for the individual".

 According to the speakers, AI will not replace people, but will help in the decision-making process. Therefore, concluded Maite Sáenz, "as with any disruptive change, we must start to inform ourselves, read, select serious literature and demystify sensationalist messages that sell, but are not based on truth".

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