1er Modelo de Auditoría Algorítmica en RR. HH entre IA+Igual y DATAI

Countercurrent: creating an algorithmic certification model in HR

The AI+Igual Advisory Board, in collaboration with a team from DATAI (Data Science and Research Institute of the University of Navarra), is developing the first algorithmic audit model for AI tools applied to the labor market.

Madrid, January 18th. The IA+Igual audit team presented yesterday, at the second meeting of the Advisory Board, the Algorithmic Audit Model developed to detect and mitigate biases in the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to human resources processes. As this is a high-risk area, according to the classification made by the EU, "IA+Igual is carrying out a deep research work in which technical and humanistic profiles converge to achieve a model that puts the person at the center of the algorithm", explains Marisa Cruzado, creator of this innovative project.

For Fernando Quintana, engineer and economist at IN2, "the background of the Advisory Board is very important to see what we do with the data. We are looking for efficiency when using AI, but a humanistic vision is key when working in Human Resources; empathy is essential because behind all this there are decisions that affect people. We must not forget that, behind every piece of data, there are people with their dreams and challenges".

At IA+Igual we are aware that we cannot eliminate risks, but we have taken very seriously the task of mitigating them. When it comes to auditing an algorithm, there are different perceptions: that of the supplier that develops it, the user company, senior management and the HR manager, the employee himself... In view of our challenge to prepare a White Paper with recommendations on the use of algorithms in the area of Talent, "we will work in an absolutely confidential manner on the scientific analysis, the contributions of the Advisory Board and the report will be framed in the corresponding industry when necessary", concluded Félix Villar, partner of IN2.8.

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