Webinar 30-04 on AI: New employer and union obligations

IV Campus IA+Igual Webinar, focused in this case on social dialogue. We have Juan Carlos Lozano, as moderator and two speakers: José Luis Fernández, director of the labor studies area of USO and Estela Martín, lawyer & head of Corporate Communication at SincroGO.

Madrid, April 14th. In this fourth Webinar of the IA+IGUAL Campus we will delve into the need to establish new channels of collaboration between the social partners that allow an update of knowledge that, in addition, are shared. And we will also analyze the type of information that the company has to provide to the RLT and the way in which it has to do it.

Around a thousand different people have already participated in the IA+Igual Campus sessions. These webinars are key because 67% of HR managers are going to increase the use of AI in their area, but only 1 in 4 respondents have a clear strategy, according to a survey conducted by IA+Igual.

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